Nilsagor Group is the leading poultry industry in the greater north Bengal in our country which fulfills northern peoples demand very effectively. It is sincerely devoted to the health and well-being of the consumers and it continuously endeavors to develop hygienic, nutritious and high-quality egg products and as well as Breeder and Layer Parent stock that contribute to the health and nutrition of our customers.We believe that success is built on the world-class skill and experience along with infrastructure to facilitate world class operations, produce best quality egg and delivery systems, commitment to customer satisfaction and support.It is a great honor for me, to be accorded this opportunity to play a great role in the poultry industry. Looking back at the past years, the challenges have been enormous for the agricultural sector as a whole and even more for the Poultry Industry. On the economic front, developments in the global markets have had negative effects on our economy. After a long period of relative economic stability, we have seen the situation being changed to the worse.I am also aware that the livestock aspects of agriculture which include poultry, for a long time were accorded very low priority. Yet, the livestock industry has great potential in terms of its contribution to employment creation for small scale producers and towards export earnings

I would like to encourage you all to utilize this platform to champion industry consensus, on critical issues that affect the entire industry, as opposed to championing positions suitable for one segment of the industry. I am sure you will all agree with me that in the past.

Ahsan Habib Lalin

Honourable Chairman & Managing Director