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“NILSAGOR Group” is one of the fastest growing companies at the Northern Bangladesh especially in the agro based sector, construction, media and consumer products. It is one of the leading enterprise in poultry breeding and hatching, feed and seed production in the country. It is also a prominent company in construction sector especially in building pipeline underground water infrastructure with Dhaka and Chittagong WASA (Water Sewerage Authority). Nilsagor Group undertakes different social development community empowerment initiatives as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility. It has vibrant presence in media sector to provide objective news and information in building informed citizenship. It also committed to transform unskilled population into skilled workforce, improve health, local economy and environment.
“NILSAGOR Group” is a special type of agro-based and technical industries in our country. It is founded in 2008 and now it is the leading poultry industry in the greater north Bengal and fulfills very effectively peoples demand. Along with Poultry Industry Nilsagor Group has another more than 20 business concerns.
Nilsagor Feed Mill, Nilsagor Seeds, Nilsagor Hatchery, Nilsagor Breeder, Afzal Arzina Fisheries, Youth Agro Farm Ltd., Nilsagor Consumer Products Ltd, Poriborton.com, Anuvab Foundation(NGO), S.A.Engineering Ltd and many more.
The objective of the group is to access in the agro market of Bangladesh and try to fulfill the demand as well as serving Technical Market, Socio-Economic sector, Environmental & media sector

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Nil Poultry & Feed Mills Ltd. has 2 factories. 1 of them is at
Ramnagar, which was established in 2011 and another is at
Boraibari, established in 2012.


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